Congratulations on Purchasing the Zap Cloth

Not only will your glass and mirrors never streak, your counters and tile will never look better. If you do get any streaks when you first use your cloth (don't panic), it is only a residue from the manufacturing of the cloth. Just run the cloth through a wash cycle or wring the cloth (several times) with warm water before using.
Use water only when cleaning..... wet cloth..... wring it out hard, wipe, and walk away..... It's that simple..... It will clean better than chemicals.
Kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals, and paper towels goodbye.
Do not dry your glass or mirrors. They will dry streak free on their own.
When using on sensitive surfaces, care should be taken not to get debris or contaminants that might scratch the surface between the cloth and the surface being cleaned.
Click Here to view demo video of Zap Cloth in use.

Washing Instructions

Machine wash with laundry detergent or hand wash with dish soap in warm water. Rinse thoroughly.
Using bleach will shorten the life of your Zezo-Fiber cloths.
Be careful when machine washing in mixed loads as Zap Cloths will pick up lint from other fabrics.
Do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener leaves a film on the cloth and decreases its effectiveness.
Using the dryer will shorten the life of your Zap Cloths. Please hang to dry for the best results.
The Zap Cloth and Zap Big Bam Cloth use the revolutionary Zezo-Fiber technology.
Visit the Zap Cloth Information page for a full description of the Zezo-Fiber technology and why it works so well.