We are the original exclusive supplier of the Zap Cloth®.


As a small business, we have always taken pride in Customer Service and Integrity.
Any and all of our products come with a “No Risk” money back guarantee. If you are in any way unsatisfied, not only will we buy back the product, we will pay the return shipping. Please read our “Return Policy” for complete guarantee information.


10% of all Zap streak free microfiber magic cloth profits benefit a local non-profit organization in Bradenton, Florida.


In 1999, Kaywos, Inc. was founded by owner Bryan Pinkham in Bradenton, Florida. Kaywos, Inc. began as a wholesale supplier of health and beauty aids to the convenience store industry.
Since 2006, my wife, Connie, and I have worked weekends at local flea markets and home shows demonstrating the "What-a-Knife". It’s there we were introduced to the Zap streak free cloth by a man (from the factory that makes the cloth) who was intrigued at our ability to demonstrate (and sell) the “What-a-Knife” to customers.
He petitioned us to market this cloth for him. We were told, it “cleans better than chemicals” with just water.
When he told us how it worked and the benefits from its use, such as no more glass cleaners nor paper towels nor polish… we were doubtful to say the least!
We have always taken pride in the fact that we don’t sell anything we don’t believe in. Therefore, we took one home and put it to the test. Not only were we amazed at its capabilities, but also its durability.
“The true test,” I said to my wife. “We’ll see if it can get the love bugs off the car windshield.” (Love bugs are a big problem here in Florida and are very difficult to remove.) Well, much to our surprise, it did! My windshield never looked better. We were sold!
The “Zap Cloth” was birthed. Over the next 12 months our company exploded. The sales and list of satisfied customers was greater than I could have imagined.
Kaywos, Inc. has since sold its interest in the convenience store distributorship to focus fully on the Zap Cloth.

Business Opportunity

I consider myself truly blessed to have been introduced to this wonderful product. One of our goals is to share this success with others. Contact us for a lucrative and enjoyable business opportunity. Not only will people buy the Zap Cloth, they’ll love it, reorder it, and many will thank you for introducing the Zap Cloth to them.
Feel free to browse our Zap Cloth Website for more information and please Contact Us with any questions you may have.
Thank you and may God Bless You,
Bryan Pinkham
Owner Kaywos, Inc.
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