Zap Cloth with Zezo-Fiber®

Made from special yarn that is 0.1 denier, Zezo-Fiber fabric is an ultra-fine, advanced generation of microfiber referred to as microfilament. This microfilament is extremely fine, light-weight, strong, durable, and is virtually lint-free.
Made from 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide (nylon) single fiber, the Zap Cloth Zezo-Fiber fabric is approximately 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk.
Unlike ordinary microfiber cloths, the continuous microfilaments that make up the Zezo-Fiber fabric provide strength and dimensional stability making for a long-lasting and highly durable cleaning cloth.
This advanced technology microfilament material is the perfect answer to cleaning delicate surfaces like windows, glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless, etc. and, best of all, it cleans with just water and it is reusable.

The Manufacturing ProcessShows cloth fabric manufacturing process

No solvents and No binders are used in the manufacturing process of the Zezo-Fiber fabric for the Zap Cloth. It is also PVC-free.
1. The Polyester and Polyamide materials are spun together to create continuous segmented filaments.
2. These advanced high tech filaments are evenly distributed on a belt to get them ready for the high pressure water jets.
3. The filaments are split into microfilaments using the high pressure water jets.
4. The Zezo-Fiber fabric is produced when the water jets concurrently tightly entwine and consolidate the microfilaments.
This manufacturing process is truly a Clean Technology. The water used in this process is recycled and reused in a closed loop system.
The durable Zezo-Fiber fabric, itself, reduces waste in the environment because it can be washed and reused; no more waste from paper towels. Best of all, using the Zap Cloth requires no chemicals, as it cleans with just water.

The Magnet Effect

Shows how zezo-fiber Zap Cloth worksThe wedge-shaped polyester shown in this cross section, together with the core polyamide (nylon), fits the surface of any object and gathers dust efficiently.
The fibers grab and hold dirt, dust, and grime.
It efficiently disperses oil, grease, dirt, grime, film, dust, and ink.
Due to the large internal surface area created by the microfilaments, the cloth effectively absorbs liquids.

Ordinary Cloth Fiber

Shows ordinary fiber cloth in actionOrdinary cloths tend to push dirt and dust around. Residue is left behind on the surface area you’re cleaning.
Lack of interior open spaces, makes an ordinary cloth hold very little dirt.

How it Works

The Zap Cloth holds 7 times its weight in dirt, grime and liquid.
Each fiber is 200 times finer than a human hair!
(This is the secret of the zezo-fiber’s incredible cleaning ability.)
Open spaces between fibers hold dust, dirt, and oil until washed away with mild soap or detergent.
Spaces also allow large amounts of moisture to be collected into the cloths making them very absorbent. These same spaces allow for quicker drying time eliminating much of the bacterial growth found in slow drying cloths.
Millions of tiny "scoops" pull dirt and dust up inside the microfilament cloth where it remains until washed away.
Results are clean, streak free surfaces - the Zap Cloth will zap streaks!
Using water helps emulsify dirt and oil making it easier for the Zap Cloth to pick it up. Its high absorbency will quickly clean up spills.
The Zap Cloth is reusable, requires no chemicals, and replaces paper towels. Please see our Zap Cloth Fabric Usage and Care page for complete usage and care information. Please see our Zap Product Demos page to view a demo video of the Zap Cloth in use.
This amazing streak free cloth is green technology at its best! Order your environmentally friendly Zap Cloth today and zap streaks!

Business Opportunity

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