Lucrative Business and Fund Raising Opportunity

Selling the Zap Cloth is an excellent opportunity to earn extra (or full time) income; it’s also an excellent product to sell at a fundraiser.
To distribute the Zap Cloth, you simply purchase them and sell them wherever and whenever you like. The more you buy, the less you pay!
The best (and most profitable) venues in which to sell the Zap Cloth are flea markets; festivals; home, boat, motorcycle, and car shows where you can actually demonstrate the product.
At a busy market with a good presentation, daily sales of over $500 are not uncommon. Even in tough economic times, this product is an excellent seller because it does everything we claim. It also saves people time, work, and the best part- MONEY!
Not only can you make instant cash, your list of repeat customers will steadily grow. Many will thank you for selling the Zap Cloth to them.

Available Sales Package to Help You Get Started

Order Distributor Wholesale ProductsWe have tools and training to help you to be successful. We have instructions on how to set up your display and some helpful printouts (signs) to draw attention to your table.
We highly recommend our Dealer Instructional Demo DVD. This video shows you everything you need to be successful: how to demo the cloth, how to set up your table display, how to stop customers, how to close the sale, and how to upsell. This DVD, along with signs and banners, can be purchased from the Sales Aids page.
View Zap Cloth Distributor Training VideosPlease visit our Zap Cloth Distributor Training page which has an introduction message and a link to videos of actual sales at a flea market.
If you are successful we are successful!

Pricing and Business Details

The suggested retail price for the Zap Cloth is… 1 for $6.00, 2 for $10.00, 5 for $20.00, or 10 for $35.00. We ask that you comply with these prices to protect other distributors and to not de-value the product.
At this time we have no restrictions on where you can sell. There are plenty of potential customers out there. We do ask that you do business honestly and honorably.
The cloths are purchased packaged (bags, inserts, & instructions) ready to sell.
Please fill out our Wholesale Application. After receiving the application we will e-mail you a password to view and order from our wholesale price page.
For larger quantities, please call 855-927-7873 (855-zap-streaks).

Private Label for Distributors

Order Distributor Private Label Products !! NEW !! We are now offering private labeling to our distributors. Get YOUR name, website or email address, and phone number on the Zap Cloth package (room for 3 lines). To order custom printing, the minimum order is 250 pieces. Please fill out our Private Label Application. After receiving the application, we will e-mail you a password to view and order from our private label wholesale price page.

Additional Sales Aids

We offer a 6 foot (36"x72") banner. We offer high quality acrylic sign holders and signs. All of these may be purchased from the Sales Aids page.

A Message from Owner, Bryan Pinkham

This is a rewarding and profitable business opportunity. Whether you just want to make some extra income or become financially independent, selling this product will help you achieve your goals. One of the great things about this product and business opportunity is the re-orders you will receive. If you work hard at promoting the product, not only will you make excellent money at the point of sale, you may build a lifetime residual income. There are many products out there you can sell at a flea market or festival and make good money, but the Zap Cloth is the only product I have ever sold where people are excited enough about it to refer it to their friends and family and to call you to order more. I have experienced this first hand beyond anything I could have expected. I consider myself truly blessed to have been introduced to this amazing product.
We are here to help you succeed.
Thank you for your interest; best of success to you,
Bryan Pinkham
Owner Kaywos, Inc.
417 9th Av. W.
Palmetto, FL. 34221
Phone: 855-927-7873 (855-zap-streaks)
Email: Contact Us