The non slip pad holds Cell Phones, Sunglasses & Cases, Keys, Pens, Digital Devices, Toll Money, etc.

Dash Stick Non-Slip Pad or Mat

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Everything Sticks with Dash Stick

Place the Dash Stick non slip pad on your vehicle's dashboard and keep your Mobile Phone (Cell Phone), Sunglasses & Case, Keys, Pens, Toll Money (Bills & Coins), Wallet, GPS unit, MP3 player, just about anything, safe while you drive.
The Zap Dash Stick will help to keep you and your items safe by preventing slipping and sliding in your vehicle.
Stop the distracted driving! No more reaching under the seat for a ringing cell phone or digging through your wallet for toll money.

Perfect Automotive Accessory

Use the Zap Dash Stick non slip pad in Car, Truck, SUV, RV, Boat, and Airplane.
The Dash Stick pad, or mat, is washable, removable, and reusable.
The mat is compatible with soft vinyl surfaces.
Installs in seconds; no tools or glue needed.
Contains no magnets, no adhesives; leaves no sticky or tacky residue.

Simple to Use

Before using the Zap Dash Stick non slip pad, thoroughly clean your vehicle's dashboard. (Reference your vehicle owner’s manual for safe cleaning agents.)
If the Dash Stick mat does not stick to the dashboard right away, allow the mat to sit on the dashboard for 24 hours before placing objects directly on it.
The mat may be gently washed with soap and water and patted dry when dirty.
We recommend using the Dash Stick mat on top of your vehicle's dashboard as this is where it works best.
We recommend removing the mat from the dashboard if it will be exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for an extended period of time as this may limit the life of the Zap Dash Stick non slip pad.
Click Here to view demo video of Dash Stick in use.


Do not use the Zap Dash Stick non slip pad on painted surfaces.
Do not place the Dash Stick on or near airbags as this may cause serious injury.

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